How to Prepare for the Wechsler Test

Here are a few general ideas that might help you as you prepare for an upcoming exam.

In most cases it's about mental preparedness before you take any exam whether it be an IQ test or a driving exam. If you go in with a positive mental attitude then there is a better chance of being successful on the given test. If you think you are going to fail then it is most likely you will follow that path. It is a rare occasion that a person with a negative attitude actually performs well in a stressful environment.

Tips on how to prepare for any exam situation.

  1. Eat a balanced meal before hand, it is the night before then have a nutritious but small meal before. You don't want your stomach growling and distracting you during the exam. If you feed your body good things your brain will respond likewise.
  2. Wear your favorite clothes that doesn't distract others or is inappropriate for the test setting. You feel good on the inside and you feel good on the outside then you will be more likely to do well in any situation.
  3. Take pretests in advance of when you are scheduled to take the exam. Depending on how you learn, we highly recommend purchasing either the Brain Puzzlers Calendar so that you can learn at a leisurely day-by-day pace, or the Ultimate IQ Tests Book from which you can practice for 15-20 minutes a day for several weeks before your scheduled exam. Whicever method you choose, just remember to take it slow. Trying to cram knowledge into your brain for an IQ test will only make you over think obvious questions.
  4. If you know you have test anxiety then in corporate relaxation techniques. A simple yet effective one is to set down in a calm quiet place before you go in, have good posture and breathe in for a five count and exhale for the same amount of time. This puts more oxygen into your system and two allows your brain to focus on something other than the task at hand. This is not only good for test taking situations but also works if you exercise or can't sleep.
  5. Make flash cards, they help the brain to recall information at a higher rate due to the repetition. The human mind learns from repeating things over and over. Think about this, do you have to think about tying your shoes or which way is the fastest to work or school? You have done a thousand times, it is a good chance that you will remember how to do it a thousand and one. This might not work for everyone but in general it is a good practice to get in to if you are in school or have a large amount of details you need to remember for work.